I love our service and I love Giovanna. She is extraordinary at both developing healthy, creative, seasonal menus and running a business and communicating with clients. It's rare to find these skills in one person. She is incredibly respectful of our home, kitchen and all the people who are in and about including kids, nanny, parents, etc.

We treasure your service and would recommend it to any one.

- Cheryl F.

"I went to Giovanna because I wanted to loose weight. I had tried to cut gluten and eat healthier, but without any results. With Giovanna, I wanted to take it a level up and really lose some weight.

Giovanna is very understanding and calm. It sounds very weird sometimes to explain and say things we eat and do, but she listened without any judgments. We created a meal plan for me so that I knew what and how much I could eat. Giovanna kept emphasizing that if I’m hungry I need to eat. I think that’s the most important lesson I learned. Eating when I’m hungry and making healthy choices. I was surprised that I could eat five small meals a day, which is more than I would usually eat. So, I was quite motivated to start the meal plan.

But, the first few weeks were hard. That’s because it is difficult to always eat healthy because we are surrounded by unhealthy food. Plus, I don’t want to get super picky because then I can’t meet friends for dinners any more. So, I tried my best but got demotivated after a few weeks. It was much harder than I thought (I never felt hungry, because that’s not part of the plan).

Every time I met with Giovanna, I felt charged and motivated. She is full of helpful advice. One thing she said – that stuck with me – is that if we eat 80% healthy, we don’t need to feel bad about the other 20%. It’s a lifestyle we are following, not a religion. So, we make mistakes, we can’t be perfect, but we want to enjoy life.

That view makes her so very different. And when I fully understood what it meant, I lost some weight. Before, I had seen Giovanna’s help as a way to loosing weight but then I understood it’s more than that, it’s a lifestyle. I’m 7 pounds lighter now, and that’s just the start.

I highly recommend working with Giovanna, you should definitely call her and tell her what you want to achieve. She’ll get you there!"

- Malin D. 

"A Purified Life has changed my life! My wife and I both work full-time and have two young children. As such, we don't have time to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals that we prefer eating. Before finding A Purified Life we had a slew of other private chef's, but they were all either unprofessional or inconsistent. A Purified Life allows us to eat a variety of foods we like, spend very little time planning and prepping them and spend more time with our young kids in the evenings! I can't say enough great things. In terms of the food offerings, we love the variety and ability to eat all sort of fresh vegetables, grains and protein, plus the desserts are great too (even the dessert feels and tastes healthy!)."

- Michael L. 

"I went to a party where she catered.  What she served was so delicious and satisfying, in addition to being healthy. She even paid attention to different dietary needs, and had at least one or two dishes for everyone, even with extreme dietary restrictions. She recently gave me a jar of the most enticing homemade almond butter. She is not only creative in her cooking, but is able to individualize your nutrition needs to the dot. Without any doubt, I highly recommend Giovanna to everyone, who wants to convert to a healthy lifestyle while leading a busy life. She is a well kept San Francisco secret."

- Kira B. 

"It all started with a pumpkin smoothie around Halloween.  I’ve been eating pretty healthy for some time, but it was because I had to; celiac made me gluten allergic, and I discovered soy was giving me stomach aches, and cheese was making me break out.  I was kinda hating all these limitations!  Nothing fun and yummy!

I met Giovanna at a networking event, and she impressed me as someone who really knows their stuff.  The next day I checked out her web site, and found recipe after recipe of things to try.  Including that smoothie.  It was delicious!  I began making everything on her site, and I’m a total convert.  Delicious AND healthy at last.

Giovanna is truly an inspiration who lives and embodies her values. She brings an aesthetic often missing in the nutrition world. The typical notions are of a dry, boring, flavorless, humorless, plain-Jane lifestyle.  She brings a fun, tasty, beautiful presentation to the mix, which in my opinion is what the industry needs to gain mainstream popularity.  Absolutely five star, no question!

I took a custom cooking class with Giovanna. It was really good. I have special diet requirements and we got to shape the class according to our wishes. I really enjoyed it. Giovanna is easy to follow and she does not only explain well what she’s doing but also why (for example the advantages of soaking or massaging ingredients and the nutritional benefits of the ingredients). She really knows a lot about food, cooking and nutrition."

- Ian B. 

"Taking the class was like watching a cooking show where you could make requests on what you wanted to cook, then ask questions while she was cooking PLUS eat it afterwards (my favorite part)."

- Anna B.