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"Giovanna is a great cook and I have enjoyed every single dish she made. I can absolutely recommend anyone to enjoy her cuisine!" - Gianluca

"I really enjoyed the late summer brunch offered by A Purified Life. It was wonderful to experience warm community being created around amazing, nutritious, food choices. Every course was well thought out and brought in the vibrancy of the season in a flavor palate from savory to sweet. It was light and very satisfying at the same time! I look forward to attending another wonderful brunch with Giovanna soon!" - David

"We enjoyed the healthy seasonal fate and friendly atmosphere." - Carolyn

"Great welcome, food excellent, gorgeous feastly facility, wonderful peeps! so much fun!" - JoAnne

"What a treat Giovanna's brunch was! I had a terrific time. The space was beautiful, the people I met were interesting and fun to talk to, but most importantly the food was delicious! It was the perfect summer meal. Tanks Giovanna!" - Brooke

"Giovanna's meals manage to make you feel both indulgent and healthy. The flow of the courses are thoughtful and she is incredibly approachable to discuss health, diet, history of the food and overall well-being. I had a fabulous time." - Cameron

"Giovanna's feast was just that: a feast. A feast of yummy chocolatey goodness. Her presentation was classy and the ingredients she used were clean which allowed for the palate to really appreciate the flavor of her dishes. Her bright spirit lit up the room and allowed for a light atmosphere of easy mingling to take place. It was a wonderful experience.: - Aurore

"Giovanna manages to make impossible sounding dishes taste delicious. The grapefruit pancakes were amazing! And I HATE grapefruit!" "Giovanna is a fantastic host, a wonderful chef, and an amazing source of natural nutrition." - JJ

"Delicious, healthy, nourishing, bright, and flavorful. Love the chef's attention to detail and subtly in her cooking. Giovanna is truly an artist." - Eris

"Giovanna has the natural gift of enemating in depth knowledge, heartfelt joy, and the integral healing aspects of her creations with ease. I found myself eager to learn and implement the recipes on the menu and really enjoyed the group involvement of the workshop." - Mark

"Loooooved the arugula aphrodisiac salad. The dressing and balance with the flavors was PERFECT. Loved the crispy texture of broccolini. The hummus and seed crackers were yum yum too. Loved the hands-on aspect of making the truffles as well as decorating the bark. Great ideas, amazing conversation, loved the space it was hosted in. Awesome hosts too!! A little far from bart and yet I made it work. Looking forward to the next event!" - Madeline