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My name is Giovanna Garcia, I’m a nutritionist and certified natural chef based in San Francisco. I practice a holistic approach to health and nutrition.


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Begin your lifestyle transformation journey. I will help you eat, live, and feel healthy.



Eating whole foods is far from boring. Discover your new favorite dish. Learn how to make simple and delicious recipes that will keep you nourished.

Latest from the blog:


How Stress Is Affecting Your Health + My Tips To Reduce Stress

Stress puts a huge toll on our health and we don’t even realize it. Let me explain what happens when [...]

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Minty Gazpacho Featured Image

Summer Minty Gazpacho

Perfect for a summer day. Gazpacho is also a great way to get in a variety of vegetables at once. [...]

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Coconut Lavender Pie Feature

Coconut-Lavender Pie with Plum Sauce (Raw & Vegan)

This has to be the best raw dessert I’ve ever made. My sister has attested to it as well. She [...]

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