3 Day Kick Starter Detox Ebook


3 Day Kick Starter Detox Ebook


Adopt simple new eating habits that will greatly impact your health and body's ability to get rid of toxins naturally and without having to deprive yourself.


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This detox eBook is for you if you experience headaches, stomach bloating, heartburn, indigestion, insomnia, or food cravings. I personally do this exact plan every few months to make sure my body is working optimally.

The 3-Day Kick-Starter Detox consists of eating 5 meals a day made up of only plant-based foods. You will eliminate all food allergens, sugar, refined salt, meats, and processed foods. At the end of the detox, you will be sleeping better, feeling more energized, and with less inflammation overall. The plan consists of one menu for three days. After the three days, you can continue the same regimen and slowly incorporate organic high-quality animal proteins back into a few of your meals, but the idea is to not fall back on the sugar and processed food train. You can do it!

Included in the 3-Day Kick Starter Detox:

  • About the detox and why it will benefit you
  • Simple guidelines to help you through the plan
  • Shopping list that you can print and take with you to the store
  • Recipes for meals and snacks
  • About me and my experience with whole foods

This is not a weight-loss plan, but you may notice a decrease in water weight and bloating.

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"Your 3-day detox is amazing and thank you so much for introducing it to me :) I feel physically so much better and plan to continue it here on out!" - Whitney K.

"As a newbie to detoxes, this was an easy kick-starter to try and follow through for the 3 days! Not only did it help me to start cleansing my body of toxins but also as an introduction in making healthy meal choices and ingredients that I wouldn't normally include in my diet. What I liked most is that A Purified Life's detox helps you understand how its detox meals impact and help benefit your body." - Brenda M.