Holiday Feast Workshop


I’ve always loved the way that food brings people together. I’ve connected with so many amazing individuals over a whole-foods meal or simply geeking out about the benefits of eating organic. I recently ran into Cassandra Gates (Cassandra's Kitchen Sink), a Nutrition Consultant who also studied at Bauman College – we instantly clicked and decided to combine forces.

We are excited to share our foodie knowledge with you at Well Fed, a holiday feast workshop. Well Fed will be hosted at a friend’s house in San Francisco, where we'll gather in the kitchen to learn some of my favorite cooking techniques. Then, we’ll have appetizers and wine while we engage in nutritional conversation with Cassandra. Lastly, we’ll hang out and feast on the food we created in the kitchen together.

Grab a ticket for our educational dinner party experience, we’d love to see you there. We’re keeping this event casual and intimate so that everyone gets a chance to really connect. There are only a few tickets left, so check out the menu and grab yours here!